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East of the East Side Book by Christy Leskovar
East of the East Side Book by Christy Leskovar
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A Slovenian peasant boy leaves his family’s farm. A dashing, Austrian musician performs for Kings and Queens in the great capitals of Europe. A tall, handsome young man finds himself stuck behind enemy lines when Austria and France go to war in 1914. A refugee lands at Ellis Island with only five francs in his pocket. A car painter becomes Butte, Montana’s Edsel dealer in the 1950’s. What could they all have in common? They are all the same man, the author’s grandfather.

A prominent businessman in Butte, Montana with a colorful past. Add in a Viennese kitchen maid who received funds from a mysterious benefactor and headed to America, a scrappy gold prospector who faces off with one of the most powerful men in Montana, and a young girl raised in a wild west saloon, and this true family tale is riveting.

This saga will strike a chord with readers. Brimming with excitement and drama, it is especially poignant for the connections it draws to the history and locales of so many impactful historic events.

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