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Dear You Scarf - Friend
Dear You Scarf - Friend
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  • Size: 26"w x 72"long
  • Materials: polyester
  • Care Instructions: Hang to Dry, Do Not Bleach, Handwash Only
  • Sentiment: Forever Friends I love how sometimes we can share a long, meaningful conversation… while saying nothing at all. I love how, when I’m in need, you never ask how, where or why… you’re just there, no matter what. Usually, with wine. I love sharing stories of those memories we’ll never forget… and those secrets we promised never to tell. Pinky swear. I love how, when we’re really in sync, I can look at you and see myself, just for a minute. We’re two of a kind. There’s nobody else in the whole world like us. (And that’s probably a good thing!)

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